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Riefa Technical Information

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Product Name

Riefa® Planting Board

  • Ultra light weight makes Riefa® Planting Board perfect for retro-fitting
  • Intensive green roofs
  • Extensive green roofs
  • Embankments and cuttings
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Restoration of extreme surfaces
  • Adding sound isolation
  • Generating increased roof ballast
  • About buying Riefa Green Roof Systems
Specific Features
  • Manufactured using only natural, organic, sustainable ingredients
  • IGV GmbH approved and accredited
  • Ultra light weight, perfect for retro-fitting to existing roofs
  • Patented ecological recipes using natural, organic, sustainable ingredients
  • Increased thermal performance
  • No special support structure required
  • Riefa® Board has a far lower profile than traditional roof greening systems
  • Ultra light weight - 9kg/m² approximately dry (only 15kg/m² approximately wet)
  • Reduces roof water run off by up to 50%
  • Filtration effect on run off water gives additional environmental bonuses
  • Reduced salinization of the earth by the lower water consumption
  • Reduces the evaporation of water, which increases root growth
  • Immediate results as vegetation blanket is 85% pre-grown
  • Speedy workup as vegetation blanket arrives on-site in rolls ready to lay
  • Bird proof - it is practically impossible to remove pre-rooted plants
  • Ultra low maintenance (annual inspection is adequate)
  • Far lower roof weight than any other standard green roofing system
  • Lowers building's carbon footprint due to added thermal performance
  • Extends life of underlying roofing material up to three-fold due
  • Vegetation blanket absorbs CO2
  • Vegetation blanket absorbs airborne dust partials
  • Large range of sedum colours available
  • High substrate protection during heavy rainfall
  • Cereal/mineral products
  • Untreated natural fibres
Water Storage Spec
  • Riefa® planting mat - up to 15 litre/m²
Specific Weight
  • Riefa® - approximately 110 kg /m³ or 1,7 kg /m² (16 mm material thickness)
Material Size
  • Riefa® - 1.2 x 1.0m x 46mm
Water Demand
  • Approximately 15 litre/hour and m², time approx. 3-5 min./day
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Green Roof Systems for your Home or Business

Riefa® Board is a unique ultra light weight roof greening product. The first and only green roofing system suitable for both new build and legacy roof projects. Ideal for sedum roof or bespoke planting.

Assured Green Roofing
  • New build or retrofit on flat or pitched green roofs
  • Only 36kg/m2 (inc. vegetation layer) when saturated
  • Reduces rain water run off by up to 50%
  • No specialist installation skills or tools needed
  • Ideal for your sedum roof project