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Only Riefa can offer the lightest weight green roof system

When it comes to lightweight green roofs, Riefa’s green roofing system is the lightest at only 36kg per m2 when fully saturated.

This demonstrable fact  holds water when you include the sedum blanket or other plant covering into the sums, our calculations hold weight. We are more than pleased to state that we are dealing with facts here and not opinion!

Lightweight Claims

So, when a competitor claims to be the lightest on the market, then they either haven’t done their research properly or they are purposefully misleading their customers.

Some may say they are Light on Fact and their claims will not hold water , unlike the Riefa  claim, which holds water and yet remains the lightest sedum blanket system in the world.

The system currently being promoted by one of the mammoths of the living roof industry is light on fact , it  is a staggering 44kg per m2 when fully saturated.

You can now imagine why we are quite displeased with their disingenuous claims.

Are you looking for an organic growing medium for your green roof?

Whilst is commendable that they use recycled aggregate in their substrate to help support their ‘green credentials’, it is worth noting that Riefa’s substrate is totally organic. There is definitely no aggressively kiln dried aggregate in our growing medium!

It is worth noting that dried aggregates require regular and substantial irrigation systems to compensate for their porous properties , unlike Riefa which retains 11 litres of water per m2 with a percolation rate when saturated of 1 litre per hour .

To add injury to insult, their substrate isn’t organic in the slightest and intimates that they are a green product on account of the considerable amount of recycled aggregate.

Beware of Immitation Green Roofing Products

Ultimately, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but it is and never will be the real thing! We are sure their roofing products will be of a high standard and the associated services are likely to be the same, but if you genuinely want the lightest green roofing system that is totally organic then Riefa Green Roofs are the people to be talking to!

The living roof market is a big market , there is plenty of room for us all , but please please please , leave some space for the little people like RIEFA and do not just swallow the claims made by the Big Boys!

Riefa, it will grow on you , the proof is on the roof!

All we ask is for them to be truthful. Even a simple amended statement saying ‘one of the lightest green roofing systems’ would suffice!

Riefa Update:
Riefa has contacted the offending company in question and are awaiting a reply. It is only fair not to name and shame them yet!

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Wednesday 20th of July 2016

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Green Roof Systems for your Home or Business

Riefa® Board is a unique ultra light weight roof greening product. The first and only green roofing system suitable for both new build and legacy roof projects. Ideal for sedum roof or bespoke planting.

Assured Green Roofing
  • New build or retrofit on flat or pitched green roofs
  • Only 36kg/m2 (inc. vegetation layer) when saturated
  • Reduces rain water run off by up to 50%
  • No specialist installation skills or tools needed
  • Ideal for your sedum roof project