Riefa Green Roof Growing Medium 1.2m x1m x 46mm board

Riefa green roof growing medium boards are a light weight, organic, economical alternative to traditional green roof systems. The growing medium boards can be fitted as a single layer directly onto a root resistant, waterproof membrane, watered and then covered in a layer of living vegetation. Our sedum roofs are ideal for architects, specifiers and self-build projects.

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Riefa Board or green roof growing medium as it is sometimes called, can be used in conjunction with many types of vegetation, including sedum, wildflower, chamomile and herbs.
A living roof not only looks great but has many other benefits including energy conservation, extending the life of a roof and other economical and ecological benefits.

Riefa Green Roof Growing Medium Boards

View full technical data sheet here. Riefa Green Roof growing medium is IGV GmbH approved and accredited.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 1000mm x 46mm

Approx. Weight: 9kg per m2(dry weight per board)

For more information on Riefa Board, our unique green roofing system or for samples and quotes please contact us today:
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There is no minimum order and the green roof growing medium boards are delivered via Pallex network throughout the UK.

Riefa green roof growing medium sample

Green Roofing System
Riefa can also supply your sedum plants so you can complete your green roof system.
The complete green roofing system is currently £84.00 per m2(exc VAT and transport)

You can also buy just the boards only by the m2 . Please contact us regarding prices.

Due to the current volatility in the market place please call before placing an order.